Program Overview

Our Post Graduate Diploma in Management PGDMX for Executives at IILM is an incisive 15-month designed for professionals, entrepreneurs and those who want to move laterally into different professional roles or into roles of greater responsibility, or even set some onto an entrepreneurial journey. 

This Program addresses the needs and aspirations of those who aspire to be at the next level of management & leadership roles. The Program enhances the participants’ managerial and functional competencies by enabling them to develop frameworks to comprehend contemporary management practices/recent developments across domains 

The participants are engaged for 15 months of which 12 months are devoted to coursework, followed by three months of dissertation. Four weeks of the coursework is an International Immersion component that enables students to attend a business school of global repute in Europe or North America. Participants attend lectures and undertake course work at the collaborating institution, visit industries, interact with business leaders, attend workshops and explore various business opportunities 

Courses will be delivered by a select group of faculty with some of them drawn from the best B-Schools in India and around the world. Through this judicious mix, IILM strives to bring together the best in management theory and practice.

The IILM Executive PGDM

In a span of one year, participants get a thorough understanding of global business issues from outstanding in-house and visiting faculty, and are equipped to take on challenging roles.

  • Globally Benchmarked Curriculum: IILMPGDMX is a comprehensive, rigorous and challenging program adapted from top internationally renowned universities covering all aspects of Management.
  • Experienced Faculty: Senior faculty members from IILM and well known Industry experts from India and abroad conduct the entire program enabling access to industry insights and latest business thinking.
  • International Exposure: Embrace new global business perspectives and explore the themes of development and globalization, first hand through the four weeks programme abroad as part of the curriculum.
  • Personal Leadership Journey: Your leadership journey begins from day one, with a 360-degree assessment that examines the strengths and weaknesses of your current leadership behavior and establishes a framework for setting tangible , tactical goals.
  • Peer Learning: The program attracts highly accomplished and talented executives and business owners from diverse functions across industries. Peer learning and the resulting network of likeminded over achievers is a very powerful tool for personal and professional growth.
  • IILM’sPGDMX is AICTE approved and is a 12 month program, plus a dissertation of 3 months to advance in your career as you build new skills
  • Courses are offered at state-of-the-art facility at Lodhi Road, Gurgaon & Greater Noida campuses.
  • A full-time course that offers you the flexibility of not availing leave from your place of work.
  • Opportunities for global study and connections through the Global Network that provides an understanding of the global issues impacting business.
  • Integrated core curriculum organized around a diverse set of stakeholder perspectives, rather than stand-alone courses based on functional silos
  • Leadership Development Program that lasts from your first day until graduation

Integrated Core Curriculum

Orientation to Management (Foundation Courses) Organizational Perspectives Integrated Management Perspectives 

You need to understand in detail how organizations and markets work. But you also need to develop the broad awareness and elevated perspective to see how business decisions affect complex systems—from a company to an industry to an economy. We believe that this way of thinking will be an essential advantage to you as you take on increasingly complex challenges in your career. 

A series of eight Foundational Courses teaches you the skills and language you will need in any career in business and management.

  • Managing Groups and Teams
  • Basics of Accounting
  • Probability Modelling and Statistics
  • Leadership Fundamentals
  • Modelling Managerial decisions
  • Introduction to Negotiations
  • Global virtual Teams
  • Choice of six areas of focus: Analytics, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Economics & Strategy at the 3 different campuses
  • Professionals with varied work experience bring their expertise and insight into the classroom
  • Close interaction with top faculty, Interaction and discussions with visiting business executives and IILM Alumni, providing opportunities to learn and network.
  • Advanced Leadership
  • Integrated management Perspective Executive
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Strategy & Economics
  • Analytics/ Operations
  • Organizational Behaviour & HR

The Dissertation/ Research Project is undertaken over a period of 3 months (ideally at the place of employment of the participant). The project is to be jointly guided by IILM faculty and a project supervisor from the organization. Dissertation is an important and integral component that provides an opportunity for the participants to demonstrate their originality, and to put into practice some of the techniques they have learnt during the course. It would also hone the participant’s report writing skills 

Nine Organizational Perspectives courses develop fundamental business skills, train participants to examine problems from multiple angles, and build an elevated perspective on organizations and their environments. Enhance their understanding of the social, economic, and geo-political forces that shape the business environment



The program starts with a brief orientation followed by on-line foundation courses from Harvard Business School. Classroom delivery would consist of lectures, case discussions, debates and discussions, simulations, experiential exercises, group projects, role plays. Assessments are conducted throughout the program.

Global Study

In a span of one year, participants get a thorough understanding of global business issues from outstanding in-house and visiting faculty, and are equipped to take on challenging roles.

  • Having international exposure not only broadens your horizons, but equips you with a unique understanding and skill-set that are highly sought-after.
  • “Global exposure teaches you flexibility; it shows you place a high value on your own skills development, you can step outside your comfort zone and pursue career advancement and experience beyond your own shores.”
  • Global study and exposure also results in an appreciation and awareness of other cultures, values and markets. Having these broader values allows you to build up the sensitivity and necessary skills to operate in an international landscape, as well as a greater understanding in the complexities and developments in international business.
  • Through IILM’s4 week Global Study programmes in Canada or Finland, these transformative experiences are all within your reach.
  • Students also take advantage of the opportunity to travel around the region that they’re based in, which gives them more chances to gain valuable new perspectives outside the classroom.
University Program

Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Business Models, Innovation, Cross Cultural Communication Competence Development Based Learning

University of Laval, Canada

Start Up Fuse- - Innovation, Entrepreneurial Start Up Simulation