Global Study

Global exposure teaches you exibility; it shows you place a high value on your own skills development, you can step outside your comfort zone and pursue career advancement and experience beyond your own shores. Global study and exposure also results in an appreciation and awareness of other cultures, values and markets. Having these broader values allows you to build up the sensitivity and necessary skills to operate in an international landscape, as well as a greater understanding in the complexities and developments in international business. Through IILM's 4 week Global Study programmes in Canada or Finland, these transformative experiences are all within your reach. Students also take advantage of the opportunity to travel around the region that they're based in, which gives them more chances to gain valuable new perspectives outside the classroom.

University University Program Program

Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Business Models, Innovation, Cross Cultural Communication Competence Development Based Learning

University of Laval, Canada

Start Up Fuse- - Innovation, Entrepreneurial Start Up Simulation